Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Heart Mr. Manager

I received a text late wednesday afternoon from Mr. Manager aka Mr.V asking me where is Bing Cafe here in Kuching? Apparently a fan reader of his blog suggested a meet there in Bing and I replied by saying there’s two outlets running, one in Padungan and one near Simpang Tiga. Which one did they want to go to? Mr. V later came to meet at work and we discussed about the dinner arrangements as well as the location. The date was set on boxing day at around 7pm. Location was Magenta, a converted colonial house serving western fusion food.

My dear friend Farah rang me up the day after, informing me that she is in town and I told her about the dinner and whether she could accompany me and she said yes. And now I just need to persuade one more friend, Neyna just in case nobody respond to Mr. V invitation (by friday afternoon I asked Mr.V has anyone RSVP yet and he said, just 2 and told me Id better come!) I figured a dinner of 6 isnt bad after all..

Now based from the photos it is obvious there were more than 6 people came for the dinner. Half of which I never met before but Kuching being Kuching the town where everyone is separated by a mere 6 degrees, it turned out that we had mutual friends apart from our infatuation with Mr. V’s blog. It was really nice to have met new acquaintances and perhaps we will see more of each other in the future. We exchanged thoughts, experienced and interests and interrogate Mr. V with a question or two. The respond? Lets just say it stays there on that table in Magenta, shall we?

Mr. V did ask us what makes us read his blog and what is it that attracts us the most about it? My answer? It is the way he writes and that its self-deprecating in a way that either you love it or hate it and one who doesn’t take himself too seriously for you know when you are in the entertainment industry you are to face up all sorts of people. Hence, its only natural for Mr. V to lash out some of his anger through his writings and then moved on. Its therapeutic, no? Not that he's angry 24/7.. more like 'lepas geram'.. Some people get it but a fair amount will never will. And its too bad that they don't. Keep on writing mate, we will keep on reading.

I’m looking forward for my next meet with Mr. V and our little project with Miss Nikki. Thanks again Mr. V, i had such a good time and we can go to Bing Cafe for our next meet. I know you will like it for so many reasons. Till then.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

simply beautiful

Im seldom moved by a dancing performance but this one made me gasp!! the dress, the song and the moves are just impeccable and beautiful.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On heavy rotation

my top 5 songs currently blasting way too much on my mac.

Ran - Pandangan Pertama (At first sight)
Leona Lewis - Run
Bunkface - Situasi
Ran - Nothings last forever
Faizal Tahir - Coba (Try)