Saturday, December 20, 2008

simply beautiful

Im seldom moved by a dancing performance but this one made me gasp!! the dress, the song and the moves are just impeccable and beautiful.


[naquibmambojumbo] said...

hey mr. syukri.
naquib here.
i got to know ur blog from mr.manager's page.
ur blog is cool.
i enjoyed reading it plus your work is superb.
i enjoyed those fashion postings.

(nothingness) said...

cool blog, came from V's blog. it freaked me out a little that we both knew v, worked at ZLG and loves hedi slimane. ah well.

Syuke A. said...

yeah, its freaky but you know what they say, great minds think a like!

great works you have there on your blog too.

where are you by the way?

(nothingness) said...

studies in melbourne, but currently in KL for summer break.

how long did you last at ZLG? haha. i miss them, lovely people there.


Syuke A. said...

i was there for a mere 3 months from april-june.. it was an experience of a lifetime. short but fun. :)

hows kl? how come ur not out celebrating?

(nothingness) said...

thanks mate :)

i'm spending time at home this year. it doesn't feel quite right to celebrate when so many are dying