Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jaquita's 20th

Gosh, how time flies. My cousin Jackie entered the semi big 2-0 club and she threw a fabulous party at the manor with cute delicious cupcakes and scrumptious feast for all the guests. Shes practically like a smaller sister that I never had and I watched her grow from that adorable little baby and now almost a full grown woman. Its annual celebration and its time for all family members to gather and eat like theres no tomorrow. This time around daddy even bought a new bbq cooking set just to prepare those yummy bbq chickens. And of course its not complete without the photos. This time Jaquita requested my assistance and brought along the strobe light and make those photos look fab!
...too bad she ran away once she knew we gonna smear frosting on her face! that would make a memorable birthday photo!

Happy Birthday Girl.. welcome to the 20s Hotel. enjoy your stay for the next decade!

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Anonymous said...

I lurve cup cakes !!!!