Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My new style Icon

Brandon Flowers of The Killers.

note to self: will tailor those razor sharp suits!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My dear friend Inez had recently opened a bridal boutique and asked me to shoot some of the bridal wear for their premise. We met the previous day to discuss the look that we're going for and I found a cover shot from Australia Vogue and fell in love with it! Suffice to say we were inspired! Here are some of the shots.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jaquita's 20th

Gosh, how time flies. My cousin Jackie entered the semi big 2-0 club and she threw a fabulous party at the manor with cute delicious cupcakes and scrumptious feast for all the guests. Shes practically like a smaller sister that I never had and I watched her grow from that adorable little baby and now almost a full grown woman. Its annual celebration and its time for all family members to gather and eat like theres no tomorrow. This time around daddy even bought a new bbq cooking set just to prepare those yummy bbq chickens. And of course its not complete without the photos. This time Jaquita requested my assistance and brought along the strobe light and make those photos look fab!
...too bad she ran away once she knew we gonna smear frosting on her face! that would make a memorable birthday photo!

Happy Birthday Girl.. welcome to the 20s Hotel. enjoy your stay for the next decade!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my thoughts exactly

It has not been a good week for me.. well more like weeks now. Some things didnt turn out the way it supposed to be and Im wondering whether I could be able to stay strong and hope for the best. I wont go into details but I reckon that it is necessary to make few changes in order to make things right. My close friends would know that Im not the type that 'plans'..  they hate that about me but i do understand that spontaneity can looses it charms too. My artistic self controls much more than my sensible self and I only would realize that later when I have to deal with the upshot. I do wonder would that make one a bad person? When guilt creeps in. Oh how I hate that feeling. People who have worked with me recognized and believed in what I'm passionate about and I supposed I want the ones who really loves me sees that too. Maybe they do, and thats the only reason why they want the best for me thus doing the things that I might not like for the being to save myself from more burden in the future. Aziz would tell me t0 grow up, which I supposed its true. The quintessential Dorian Grey and suffering from peter pan syndrome, floating and dreaming away in Never-Neverland. It took me years to discover myself, and  it will take just seconds that change that. Perhaps that is what scares me, that I'll become the exact person that I dont aspire to be. This place I'm at I know is just a transition space, that I'm in the lobby waiting to check in and get into the right lift to take me to the right floor where i have the key to open the right door. I've mentioned once that the great thing about life is that we are given options, where often we dont pick the correct one and or a promise to good end.  

Am I at the right lobby?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wedding Photographs

My wedding shots and albums are mostly of close friends that were really helping out a struggling artist friend to get by. :) Since I know them personally it was rather easy to capture their essence as a couple. Here are some sample of works that I can share with you guys and girls.