Thursday, August 28, 2008

What to wear?

My good friend Tamer and I were talking via skype the other day and touched on the subject of Hedi Slimane, the fashion designer rock star that we both admired like no other. His innovative yet relevant designs are solely missed but left a footprint that one can emulate over and over again. Im planning to go out to this party this weekend and I secretly would plan my outfit way way before the day of the event. I guess the secrets out but let me share with you my thoughts and wardrobe wish list. I discover the joy into going back dressing in black and white after my return trip to the England last year, and how VERY sheek it looked, with the new silhouettes and fabrication. My very fashion forward friends are already flaunting them and I gave it shot and fell in love with the look all over again. The best thing is that it will never run out of time. I found myself buying lots of white shirts and wife-beaters and few pairs of black skinny jeans. The one thing Im still struggling is to wear a black shirt here in Malaysia, for some weird reason I feel sweats going to come out the second I put it on. Blazers and jackets are fine on certain occasions and venue (with full blast A.C.) for I think the look suits the age I'm at right now and IT does make you feel good whenever you a suited up from head to toe. Here are some looks that I'm considering for this coming weekend. Choices, choices, choices.


now wheres Hedi when you need him??


Fitri said...

I love the skinny-sleek .. so envy . with my size .. i wont be able to be in that .. haizzz

ayyman rahim. said...

i love the skinny-sleek tu. it is soooo stylishhhhhhhhhh.