Saturday, August 23, 2008

oh what a nite!

When my dear friend Aidawati Saidin invited me out to the Royal Arts Gala night at One World Hotel last nite, I clearly didnt have any sorts of expectations whatsoever. I needed an excuse to go out in my suit, white shirt and slim tie.. doing that hedi slimane thing again. I do miss it..:) My so called way of ego-boosting, one needs to feel good about oneself once in a blue long as you dont bug other people's life thats fine. I just wish I could have a razor-sharp cut blazer ala Hedi. Alas, the spirit is there anywhere.. and also, I did the crew cut again.. and I wanted to see whether it looks good in a suit.. VANITY! VANITY!

We arrived rather early so we took out on sweet time to get ready and had chicken rice as in between filler. Its a fashion gala, hence people are gonna be fashionably late. Aida is showcasing a piece to be worn by a royalty from the state of terengganu, and true to form.. its VERY Aida, no beadings no sequins only cuts/pleats/shape/lines which I like too.. the best part of the was the sexy slit exposing the wearer's tighs and legs.. daring.. and again, I like it too.. we both have the same way of looking at clothes, coming from the architecture background its so much about the construction/process that matters rather than the final aesthetics. Did i mention it was in purple silk-wool? delish!

Aida and her strings of royal fans. Literally.

dress by Aidawati Saidin

After the event, I couldnt help but noticed someone I knew very well, well not on a personal level that is but simply because I have been a fan of his musings/rantings/writings for the past few months.. :) I then introduced myself much like a star-struck fan and took few photos.. of course I told him about how much I enjoyed reading his blog.. together with Perezhilton.. my few source of meaningful yet cerebral info-tainment. Im glad I had the chance to tell him that, because there were times when I'm down and I would browse through his blog and found myself laughing and smiling, it made my day..with his no holds bar and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. it gets me! So thank you again Mr. Manager. ' Mak kaseh, iboh jerak ..'

Ning came and sang. Glorious!

yours truly, Jovian Mandagie and Mr. V aka Mr.Manager

Nubhan reminds me of my younger brother but he is WAY taller. I had to cheat my way to appear just a tad shorter that him. He sounded good and all the best Nubs.

Its quarter to 4 am and i need to get some rest for I have a shoot tomorrow at 10. crazy but it keeps me going.

later peeps. x



ayyman rahim. said...

ohhh, thts cool dude. i like ur blog. do u mind if i link you? :)

nikki b said...

ello toots...

like ur blog.....nice pics & cool images...guess u r sarawakian....only borneo..ans can capture those point of views....lived in kuching once & loved it...keep on writing so i can have high hopes in kl, may the force b with you...toots