Sunday, August 24, 2008

English Enchantment

About a year ago on a cloudy monday afternoon, I walked passed the famous Royal Albert Hall London, scouting for a spot to shoot my model Karim for a fashion spread in the Oct issue of Going Places MAS inflight magazine. The glam squad consists of me starring as the stylist, Lynn W as the photographer, Viv as the fierce editor, Colin as the muse and Joseph as err.. eye candy. I was just pinching myself for I couldnt believe I was back in the old city reuniting with my favourite people and doing things i love the most! And the clothes were part of the character and London couldnt be more suitable as a background. The shoot started by the side of the Thames near Vauxhall, then a strolled by Buckingham Palace (too many tourists -scratch that), had lunch at Kensington High Street Wagamama, The R.A.H and of course the very green Hyde Park.

Thanks to my mate Tamer W for hooking us up with London's fashion PR offices for the wonderful clothes from Erotokritos, Armand Basi, Alessandro Dell'aqua, Dolce and Gabbana, Oliver Spencer and Hudson shoes. I could easily pull a klepto (because I did try them on.. and the items were in my size! How could they! and it was all in black and white!)

Special thanks to Viv for the opportunity. From Kuching to London, who knew eyh?.

To the one and only Miss Lynn, isnt it the best when work become play?

Check out the spread and photos from the shoot. I seriously want to go back!

Glam squad -Editor Viv, Photog Lynn W, Muse Coco, Model Karim H, Eye candy Paul

Lynn "fine. i wont look shuk!"

..and of course, i would not miss the chance to be in one too, would i? ..the first imaginary multi-racial boyband in the world; the nigerian, the egyptian, the malaysian and the english :D

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