Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Zoom In

Its no secret that Im a huge fan of Malaysian songstress Siti Nurhaliza for many years now. Well, to be exact since her first debut with the boyband 2BY2 duet 'Mawarku' aka 'My Rose'. There were situations where I was ridiculed for this particular adoration and obsession. My closest mates simply couldnt get it. Now, I dont just normally like someone for vanity reasons, granted shes pretty and all (I see raised brows out there) but this girl can sing. For over 13 years, she has won numerous awards and achievements at the local and international grounds as well as having the third asian performer to ever staged a solo concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.

In 2006 she finally married the businessman Datuk K in a lavish ceremony. We still couldnt get enough of her, scared that she might stop doing what she does best but turns out the husband is also her number one fan and that he wants her to continue singing. Its been a while since we last saw her in a concert so when RTM announced the return of Siti on their musical programme Zoom In last sunday, I cancelled all plans and glued my hand to the remote control.

Her latest record was released in December and as brilliant as it sounds, it didnt have the same impact as the previous record. In 'Transkripsi -2006" she challenged her self with different sound and even penned two songs and her vocals on each songs were spot on. "Hadiah Daripada Hati-2007" is more subtle but rich in music and very radio friendly. Having said that, I still very much like it and yes, remember all the lyrics by heart. Call me what you want, I love this record.

Back to my point, Siti's been great at what she does and the accolades have proven so, but one thing shes not is a fashionista. I dont know whether its her fault or the stylist but Siti hardly get it right. You see, I know a little thing or two about fashion and trend for I worked in that industry for a while and as a fan you want the best for your idol right? Last sunday was no exception. Her first number was ok since it was black and white, although I wasnt feeling the fedora. Needless to say her second and third outfit were just 'her'. You fans out there dont hate me yet, I always believe less is more and at the same time understands the requirement of heavy beadings and bling-bling to enhance one's appearance but I just felt the look was wearing her instead of the otherwise. With such beauty and grace I always picture her in a more minimalist, classy and sassy look so she could just focus more on her vocals and showmanship rather than getting distracted with unnecessary elements. Well atleast thats how I would like dress her up. I supposed we cant pleased everyone and you cant have everything, so you just work hard on what you are good at. I see it worked for Siti and regardless on what people say, you just strive to be the best.

I am merely a fan who has his opinion to share, with no evil intention or sorts to bring a person down because I believe in the end of the day, we all do our best and that we can only do so much to impress people that we care. As for the result, some might like it and some may not. So what? The show must go on. And thats how it should be.

To Siti, if you ever find yourself reading this, I will continue be the fan that I ve always been, loyal, supportive and opinionated. I wish you nothing but the best and more success in the future. You know, WE CARE.

To her fans, 'hate me or love me', I thank you for the time. It means that we really do er, care.:) or dont. Keep up with the support.

Oh ya, did I enjoy the show last sunday? YES. Especially when she rendered that song 'Mulanya Cinta'. The most played song in my itunes.

For more info, click:

This is Siti's performing 'Berhenti Berharap' (not from the show). goosebumps.


Mr. Slar said...

I'm a big fan of Siti Nurhaliza as well! In fact, i was there in RTM Angkasapuri Auditorium watching her performed LIVE!

Looking forward to reading your transparent reviews & comment on Siti's latest traditional album called "Lantera Timur"...

Actually this is my very first time reading your accident i must say...

I think this would be a good medium for me to improve my english as i found your way of writing english was pretty good!

Keep up the good work man!

~Mr. Slar~

Syuke A. said...

hi, thanks. Its a lovely to know someone is reading this entry.. :)

Im flattered that you like the way I write and its much appreciated. I'm still learning to improve!

keep on reading then and feel free to drop a comment or two.

til then.

Mr. Slar said...
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Mr. Slar said...'s me again :-) was quite an unexpected surprise that u actually replied my comment..i believe that u must be very busy with ur daily chores but still willing to spend a little of ur precious time for an unknown fellow like me...thanks a lot man!

Flattered that someone is reading ur entry? For all the compliments that u received, i think u deserve it man...!!!

As long as u keep writing good entry, i believe there will be readers reading ur blog...!!!

Till then, take care man!

~Mr. Slar~

Syuke A. said...

youre too kind.thanks again. :)