Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yesterday was rather eventful. In a way. After getting the cat food at the pet shop, I drove around with Miss W looking for pearl tea. It was rather quite because the citizen of kuching have been busy voting the whole day. Oh ya, it was the general election day and the whole nation (well almost) went out to practice their rights. I finally get to cast my vote, after registering for almost 10 years and thought Id be a good citizen, do my part because you never know, every vote counts.

Anyhow, we finally found our pearl tea. We then went to this old school mall and checked out some random shop that sells pretty much everything that you could never think off. We would laughed histerically and even just looking at the sales girls giving you funny gaze because you making fun of their sale item is rather hilarious. Im always amazed and wondered who would buy these items (from toys to stationary to nail clipper..) and some of them would collect dust because nobody has ever lay their hands at them. Having said so, we bought sweets and cigarette to make up for the fun we made at the auntie store.

Walking away with sour apple flavour mentos in my mouth, we looked around and passed through optometrists, tailors, shoes shops etc. Miss W has a thing for vintage stuff and in this mall if you look hard enough you'd find 'it'.Whatever that is. We moved to the top floor where they specialize more on ready-to-wear collection and suddenly Miss W had found something, well more like someone.

Miss W : "look at her.."
Yours truly : "who?, where?"
Miss W: "there, the lady with that dress"
Yours truly: "awww, look at her, she fabulous!"
Miss W: "she looked like someone who would shop at the spitalfields market and that dress looks like vintage topshop... maybe I should use her for the shoot.."
Yours truly: "you want me to ask her?"
Miss W: "not now, maybe some other day"
Yours truly: "wait shes coming, shes coming, scared.. "
Miss W: laughing.." she's pro-ana"
Yours truly : " pro-ana?"
Miss W: "anorexia nervosa"
Yours truly : "what the?? ha ha ha ha ha"

Now when we say anorexic we dont mean it literally and definitely not in a bad way, she was just skinny/slim figured and perhaps a near size 0 kinda lady. Come to thing of it the lady is FABULOUS. With her long grey hair with low ponytail and her dress does look a like something you would find at the vintage rack in TOPSHOP. We reckon she works at the shop as one of the sales girl. Of course she have to look the part.I wonder what would she wear on a different day?

We had to leave the spitalfields lady alone to carry on with our mall mini adventure, rifling through stuffs and what not, and later Miss W found herself another rare find. When I said she likes vintage, I mean vintage.

Check out the amazing very bulky 80s vintage camera that can double as a faux purse or even a weapon for that matter. sheek and fabu-LASH! so old school! we love it!

maybe now we can go snap a picture of that spitalfields lady, eh?


Paul Joseph said...

argh, u know vintage cameras make me cum. Yes, I have that reaction.

Xenia said...

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