Friday, March 7, 2008

Slim-MANE Silhouettes

Apparently theres a big fashion rumor going around at the moment. Enough to create a buzz. I wont divulge for Im not the one to gossip but I can tell you this much for free, two words, HEDI SLIMANE. Not only he was the genius behind the success of Dior Homme, (the revival of the punk-rock look and my personal favourite, the eponymous razor sharp slim suit), he is also an accomplished artist and a brilliant photographer. Im always fascinated with talented, passionate people and how their brains work, their process and what inspire them. His collection is a reflection of his personality and vision. He departed from House of Dior last fall and ever since then he is busy setting up modern art exhibitions around the globe. Let's hope he will come back with a bang. Here are some insights from his take on life.

On ambition;
HEDI: I don’t really have one, I’m afraid. Everything I’ve done is part of a chain reaction. But I’m naturally determined, so I guess you could say that my ambition is just to make the next day interesting. Also, I’ve been lucky enough to meet people with whom I have a good understanding. So another ambition is to meet the people with whom I might develop future projects. Things arrive by accident. I really believe that.

I believe that too.

On how did he get in to fashion
I was twenty-three, and I was a little bit lost, doing things like street casting, anything. I was all over the map.Jean Jacques Picart(PR extraordinaire) has been involved with fashion for so many years. He did the same with Christian Lacroix — he started Lacroix.
Some people care about you, and are really able to see you, and other people will never see you, even if you’re standing in front of them and waving. It’s like I said about ambition — who you meet next is so important. That’s how ideas get translated into a project. What makes it wonderful is that you never know what will happen next.


On photography and design process
HEDI: Since I was eleven, I’ve always carried a camera with me. I’m always taking pictures for my archives. When I work on collections, I always photograph more. I’m trying to get a sense of composition and proportion within the frame. That’s very important in terms of the construction of the clothes.

On inspiration
Oh, anything. It’s difficult to say, because I don’t like to start with a narrative, the way some designers do. I don’t like focusing on themes at all.

On his objective
I’m quite day to day person and I’m always thinking that something will come along to destroy whatever credo I have. I’m most interested in that moment when my entire perspective changes, and I have to reconsider everything.

Day to day person. Thats someone I would like to be.

These are what I would love to have in my wardrobe. It doesnt come cheap but can you blame them? But for now, a bottle of DIOR HOMME perfume would do.

for more info, please click his name under my reading list.

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Mr. Wahab-Winter })i({ said...

A 23 year old who does street casting, always has a camera on him and believes in day-to-day ambition. HAAAA. As Trisha would say, "you know who you remind me of? Me".

I can only dream i'll end up as amazing as him though.