Sunday, March 9, 2008

Miss Neyna

Its been a while since I last met Miss Neyna for drinks. One of my closest confidante was trying to get hold of me the whole week(bless him/her cotton socks) and since the muse Miss W is around Id figured she should come along and hang out like the good old days. There's alot of catching up to do and updates on gossips, relationships and life among other things. I always make a point that you should have room for dessert and its never a dull moment when the gregarious Miss Neyna is around, thus its the perfect combo. I took her out that saturday night and at exactly 5 minutes after 11pm, we reached Miss Neyna's mansion.

Yours truly : "where we heading to?"
Miss Neyna: "tempat biasa mok?, (the usual?)"

Our usual is Cafe Cino @ Hilton. Its cozy and kinda secluded.Incase there were swarming trigger happy paparazzi around we brought our own camera instead. Atleast we looked ready and composed.

Miss W: "I want chocolate"
Yours truly: " me too, lets"..(im such an addict,its so bad i should go to chocolate rehab!)

We ordered our drinks, two cappucinos and a pot of earl grey for me as well as fruit salad and a strawberry gateau. And of course, assorted chocolates.yummy!

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