Sunday, March 23, 2008

my favourite place

Ive been a member of youtube for months but never upload any videos so I figure since I have this slideshow for ages on my mac, I might as well debut it for the world to see. It is of me with my super friends whom I consider family. It just goes to show that we can come from all these different places but we have the same need, to surround ourselves with good people and unconditional love. And make this world a better place to live.

p/s you guys know who you are. i cant wait to see you again, as always.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

cher photoshoot part deux

Cher has been modelling well, 'working the runway' for ten years and seldom get the opportunity to do print work. When she saw some of the work I did in the past we came to a discussion that lead us to the shoot we had been working all this while. We thought we should do our very own photoshoot and the result can be used as a portfolio for her to get more work in the future. The first part was done weeks ago and we wanted to continue and do a second part with a bar as the background.

Here are some shots from last sunday. It was fun, as always.
Thanks Inez (Make-up) and Shuk for the menthol DUNHILL. Thanks IPANEMA.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yesterday was rather eventful. In a way. After getting the cat food at the pet shop, I drove around with Miss W looking for pearl tea. It was rather quite because the citizen of kuching have been busy voting the whole day. Oh ya, it was the general election day and the whole nation (well almost) went out to practice their rights. I finally get to cast my vote, after registering for almost 10 years and thought Id be a good citizen, do my part because you never know, every vote counts.

Anyhow, we finally found our pearl tea. We then went to this old school mall and checked out some random shop that sells pretty much everything that you could never think off. We would laughed histerically and even just looking at the sales girls giving you funny gaze because you making fun of their sale item is rather hilarious. Im always amazed and wondered who would buy these items (from toys to stationary to nail clipper..) and some of them would collect dust because nobody has ever lay their hands at them. Having said so, we bought sweets and cigarette to make up for the fun we made at the auntie store.

Walking away with sour apple flavour mentos in my mouth, we looked around and passed through optometrists, tailors, shoes shops etc. Miss W has a thing for vintage stuff and in this mall if you look hard enough you'd find 'it'.Whatever that is. We moved to the top floor where they specialize more on ready-to-wear collection and suddenly Miss W had found something, well more like someone.

Miss W : "look at her.."
Yours truly : "who?, where?"
Miss W: "there, the lady with that dress"
Yours truly: "awww, look at her, she fabulous!"
Miss W: "she looked like someone who would shop at the spitalfields market and that dress looks like vintage topshop... maybe I should use her for the shoot.."
Yours truly: "you want me to ask her?"
Miss W: "not now, maybe some other day"
Yours truly: "wait shes coming, shes coming, scared.. "
Miss W: laughing.." she's pro-ana"
Yours truly : " pro-ana?"
Miss W: "anorexia nervosa"
Yours truly : "what the?? ha ha ha ha ha"

Now when we say anorexic we dont mean it literally and definitely not in a bad way, she was just skinny/slim figured and perhaps a near size 0 kinda lady. Come to thing of it the lady is FABULOUS. With her long grey hair with low ponytail and her dress does look a like something you would find at the vintage rack in TOPSHOP. We reckon she works at the shop as one of the sales girl. Of course she have to look the part.I wonder what would she wear on a different day?

We had to leave the spitalfields lady alone to carry on with our mall mini adventure, rifling through stuffs and what not, and later Miss W found herself another rare find. When I said she likes vintage, I mean vintage.

Check out the amazing very bulky 80s vintage camera that can double as a faux purse or even a weapon for that matter. sheek and fabu-LASH! so old school! we love it!

maybe now we can go snap a picture of that spitalfields lady, eh?

Miss Neyna

Its been a while since I last met Miss Neyna for drinks. One of my closest confidante was trying to get hold of me the whole week(bless him/her cotton socks) and since the muse Miss W is around Id figured she should come along and hang out like the good old days. There's alot of catching up to do and updates on gossips, relationships and life among other things. I always make a point that you should have room for dessert and its never a dull moment when the gregarious Miss Neyna is around, thus its the perfect combo. I took her out that saturday night and at exactly 5 minutes after 11pm, we reached Miss Neyna's mansion.

Yours truly : "where we heading to?"
Miss Neyna: "tempat biasa mok?, (the usual?)"

Our usual is Cafe Cino @ Hilton. Its cozy and kinda secluded.Incase there were swarming trigger happy paparazzi around we brought our own camera instead. Atleast we looked ready and composed.

Miss W: "I want chocolate"
Yours truly: " me too, lets"..(im such an addict,its so bad i should go to chocolate rehab!)

We ordered our drinks, two cappucinos and a pot of earl grey for me as well as fruit salad and a strawberry gateau. And of course, assorted chocolates.yummy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Test Shoot part deux

'see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil'
Again today was test-shoot day, we brought the lights to the studio and start flashing around the AC-less room. It was scorching hot. Still, its always fun being in front of the camera everynow and then. This is us, just playing silly for the day.

doing the miley 'doing the lohan'

Miss W : "how do we do this again?"
Yours truly : "Just laugh, just laugh..ha ha ha ha.." doing the most unconvicing fake laugh ever.

Test Shoot

These shots were taken right after the budding photographer Miss W and her brother DJ Reese brought home the newly purchased studio lighting set. I still have more to learn about photography, especially artificial lighting and the kind Miss W showed me how to work the lights. We played around a little bit (heck, like have we ever been serious before??). We all suffer from the peter pan sydrome.

miss W: "Im so over this.."

Slim-MANE Silhouettes

Apparently theres a big fashion rumor going around at the moment. Enough to create a buzz. I wont divulge for Im not the one to gossip but I can tell you this much for free, two words, HEDI SLIMANE. Not only he was the genius behind the success of Dior Homme, (the revival of the punk-rock look and my personal favourite, the eponymous razor sharp slim suit), he is also an accomplished artist and a brilliant photographer. Im always fascinated with talented, passionate people and how their brains work, their process and what inspire them. His collection is a reflection of his personality and vision. He departed from House of Dior last fall and ever since then he is busy setting up modern art exhibitions around the globe. Let's hope he will come back with a bang. Here are some insights from his take on life.

On ambition;
HEDI: I don’t really have one, I’m afraid. Everything I’ve done is part of a chain reaction. But I’m naturally determined, so I guess you could say that my ambition is just to make the next day interesting. Also, I’ve been lucky enough to meet people with whom I have a good understanding. So another ambition is to meet the people with whom I might develop future projects. Things arrive by accident. I really believe that.

I believe that too.

On how did he get in to fashion
I was twenty-three, and I was a little bit lost, doing things like street casting, anything. I was all over the map.Jean Jacques Picart(PR extraordinaire) has been involved with fashion for so many years. He did the same with Christian Lacroix — he started Lacroix.
Some people care about you, and are really able to see you, and other people will never see you, even if you’re standing in front of them and waving. It’s like I said about ambition — who you meet next is so important. That’s how ideas get translated into a project. What makes it wonderful is that you never know what will happen next.


On photography and design process
HEDI: Since I was eleven, I’ve always carried a camera with me. I’m always taking pictures for my archives. When I work on collections, I always photograph more. I’m trying to get a sense of composition and proportion within the frame. That’s very important in terms of the construction of the clothes.

On inspiration
Oh, anything. It’s difficult to say, because I don’t like to start with a narrative, the way some designers do. I don’t like focusing on themes at all.

On his objective
I’m quite day to day person and I’m always thinking that something will come along to destroy whatever credo I have. I’m most interested in that moment when my entire perspective changes, and I have to reconsider everything.

Day to day person. Thats someone I would like to be.

These are what I would love to have in my wardrobe. It doesnt come cheap but can you blame them? But for now, a bottle of DIOR HOMME perfume would do.

for more info, please click his name under my reading list.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Zoom In

Its no secret that Im a huge fan of Malaysian songstress Siti Nurhaliza for many years now. Well, to be exact since her first debut with the boyband 2BY2 duet 'Mawarku' aka 'My Rose'. There were situations where I was ridiculed for this particular adoration and obsession. My closest mates simply couldnt get it. Now, I dont just normally like someone for vanity reasons, granted shes pretty and all (I see raised brows out there) but this girl can sing. For over 13 years, she has won numerous awards and achievements at the local and international grounds as well as having the third asian performer to ever staged a solo concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.

In 2006 she finally married the businessman Datuk K in a lavish ceremony. We still couldnt get enough of her, scared that she might stop doing what she does best but turns out the husband is also her number one fan and that he wants her to continue singing. Its been a while since we last saw her in a concert so when RTM announced the return of Siti on their musical programme Zoom In last sunday, I cancelled all plans and glued my hand to the remote control.

Her latest record was released in December and as brilliant as it sounds, it didnt have the same impact as the previous record. In 'Transkripsi -2006" she challenged her self with different sound and even penned two songs and her vocals on each songs were spot on. "Hadiah Daripada Hati-2007" is more subtle but rich in music and very radio friendly. Having said that, I still very much like it and yes, remember all the lyrics by heart. Call me what you want, I love this record.

Back to my point, Siti's been great at what she does and the accolades have proven so, but one thing shes not is a fashionista. I dont know whether its her fault or the stylist but Siti hardly get it right. You see, I know a little thing or two about fashion and trend for I worked in that industry for a while and as a fan you want the best for your idol right? Last sunday was no exception. Her first number was ok since it was black and white, although I wasnt feeling the fedora. Needless to say her second and third outfit were just 'her'. You fans out there dont hate me yet, I always believe less is more and at the same time understands the requirement of heavy beadings and bling-bling to enhance one's appearance but I just felt the look was wearing her instead of the otherwise. With such beauty and grace I always picture her in a more minimalist, classy and sassy look so she could just focus more on her vocals and showmanship rather than getting distracted with unnecessary elements. Well atleast thats how I would like dress her up. I supposed we cant pleased everyone and you cant have everything, so you just work hard on what you are good at. I see it worked for Siti and regardless on what people say, you just strive to be the best.

I am merely a fan who has his opinion to share, with no evil intention or sorts to bring a person down because I believe in the end of the day, we all do our best and that we can only do so much to impress people that we care. As for the result, some might like it and some may not. So what? The show must go on. And thats how it should be.

To Siti, if you ever find yourself reading this, I will continue be the fan that I ve always been, loyal, supportive and opinionated. I wish you nothing but the best and more success in the future. You know, WE CARE.

To her fans, 'hate me or love me', I thank you for the time. It means that we really do er, care.:) or dont. Keep up with the support.

Oh ya, did I enjoy the show last sunday? YES. Especially when she rendered that song 'Mulanya Cinta'. The most played song in my itunes.

For more info, click:

This is Siti's performing 'Berhenti Berharap' (not from the show). goosebumps.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bleeding Love

Like my best mate Aziz, Im a big fan of Leona Lewis. Her song is infectious and her voice is a like a breath of fresh air. Rihanna's 'Umbrella' had been covered by musicians so many times (some are great ,some are not) and Ive been waiting for different version of "Bleeding Love" and I thought I'd share this find with you guys out there. Its rather new and I fancy this version very much.

check this out;

Jamie Scott and The Town covering "Bleeding Love". Tell me what you think.