Thursday, February 28, 2008

grey + beige = greige?

Today (27.02.08) was just one of those days when one couldnt spend much time thinking straight and make the right decision. Today, one just didnt have that luxury. Today, one just, You just, I just, DO. Or else, you hit rock bottom.

This morning I woke up to my aunts barging into the room telling me that my office had a break in. Stunned and zombied, I had to ask her again. WHAT?? Another burglary?? This would be the second time in 3 months.In that instant, I feel like a snake rattling in my stomach, not knowing what to say I took the car key and stormed my way to the crime scene.

By now Im half awaked driving away and kept replaying in my mind how my office would look like, what was missing and did I lock the gate and the doors the last time I was there? Would I gave the burglars their way in???GOSH, its too early to compute. Help.

Anyway as I got into the office, I looked around and couldnt utter a word. It was such a mess and I was suddenly scared, scared that the burglars would still be in the premise and that they might jumped out from dark corners and attack me! Paranoia had suddenly lurched on me. The doorknobs were cracked from the doors, a heavy object was dragged on the wooden floor and things got moved. In that instant my inner-Grissom had kicked in too, mind mapping the whole incident, which door the burglars cracked first, what did they rummage and eventually steal. Then I soon noticed we ve lost a safe and a 24'inch G4 apple lcd monitor. Damn. I talk to my staff and found the safe down stairs in the conference room, where the burglars try to crack them open with metal clippers but by look of it they got mad and could get into it and left it there. Luckily I was told later thats theres nothing valuable in that safe. So I supposed the monitor is their consolation prize. Does that supposed to make me feel better? of course not. 'I need a ciggy, I need a ciggy now!'

Last night I planned to visit my good friend Didi whose father just passed away yesterday and didn’t get the chance to see him to pay my respect. So today I was supposed to meet him because I know he needs comfort from friends. Bless him. Obviously I couldn’t get to that now this burglary has took place. After doing some damaged controlled, we went home for lunch and later plan to come back but another errand had to be taken care off. My cousin’s whose room Ive been designing for months is on its way to finally seeing the light of day. I have to help her choose the wallpaper and decide on paint jobs and such. This was great because I was able to take my mind of the incident that happened earlier and just savoured my self with some gorgeous wall coverings and fabrics at the suppliers. But work is work right? DID IT HELP ME? Oh Yes in deed. By the way, we opted for Erqu, Matia, Asha And Greige. Wallpaper people.

Afterwards we drove down to MUROBOND Paints, which I love. Its been almost a year, but I still love that aubergine paint. Rich. Sexy. Oh la la. After saying goodbye to my love, we made our way to a Chinese hard furnishing shop. Here our mission was to find key pieces for the room. One or two furnitures to furnish our French-chinoserie-opulence themed room. Fortunately we spot few potential. EXTREMELY GORGEOUS. I think we re moving on right track here.

We then spoiled ourselves to a reflexology master, getting our feet massage for 40 mins. Tickled and at times painful, we distract our selves with silly conversation and got serious by talking bout this feng shui master Miss W interviewed recently. It was so interesting to hear about this master and how he told her that all this feng shui placements and organization wouldn’t work if you yourself project bad aura or energy. Now, I believe this apply in every day life. That if you surround yourself with bad energy or thoughts you are basically asking for trouble.

Ive always try being positive whenever facing adversity and its still a struggle sometimes.I supposed mainly because you just dont know what to do or act and felt utterly helpless. Lets just hope tomorrow is better than yesterday.


anakemas said...

" couldnt spend much time thinking straight.."

Hun, I don't think you've ever thought 'straight'. EVER. :op

Geez, thts such a bad thing to have happened. Teruk na Kuching kinek tok.. first my parent's house, now your office. Hope all goes well.. Well, remember what they say: when life give you lemons, make orange juice. Wait, tht doesn't sound right..

Sorry, 'Sam' moment.. hehe

Take care please. HUGS.

Syuke Atta said...

i know, you feel unsafe its sick!
i want that lemon orange juice now.

Anonymous said...

hi syuke,

I recommend you to watch/read The secret DVD/book selling in's very powerful tells you about The Law of're right about the bad aura and good aura..if you project good things, good things will come to you...

Go get it!

nana :-)