Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trigger Happy

I have never been to a rally before. Be it supporting a cause, fighting for rights, celebrate a victory or etc, I just dont feel like Im a campaigner to begin with. Or perhaps I have never found a cause to support, a right to fight for or a win to celebrate, yet. So when I was asked to shoot a rally somewhere in rural Sarawak, I jumped at it. It was during the recent candidates nomination day for the coming general election.

Young and old, men and women and yes, blue and white scales. Loads of them. And some fashion statement nonetheless.



anakemas said...

kenak tiba2 ada gambar or lak kach indah di sia?? Typical...



Syuke Atta said...

kac kah? :P

i knew it, kitak org nang sik dapat sik nangga lak kac. Hey Im documenting without prejudice.:P