Friday, February 29, 2008

oh sun, where are thou?

It has been raining non stop in Kuching. I dont really mind it that much. Its cosy and makes you just want to cuddle up. The only problem is that when you plan to do something that requires the sun and when darkclouds come out to play you wont get much glimpse of the sun rays. Alas, its something beyond my control and my model, make up artist and me just need to work this one out with or without the enough sun light.You see we wanted to do a shoot using as much natural light that we can but it was almost ridiculous to achieve this that day. We couldnt postpone this shoot to some other days as because of work commitments.

However, work is work. Between getting on make-up, lunching with nasi ayam and 100plus, big hair dos, Mariah Carey wailing away in the background, choosing outfits and overcast sky we managed to (barely) pull it off. Here are some shots from that day. Enjoy.

model: Cher
make-up master : Inez

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